2016 UEFA Champions League Final Milan

Data: Saturday May 28th, 2016


Simply Extraordinary!

This is the adjective to define the wonderful success Euroscena has been able to build and get on the San Siro Field for the UEFA Champions League 2016 Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid final.

Centonovanta Millions of live viewers Mondovisione, have been able to admire the spectacular images that our company has been able to produce impeccably.

Never a Champions League final in UEFA history has had such a success of listening and criticism.

Once again we have been “just perfect” in designing, realizing and meeting the many technical and organizational needs of a really impressive production (65 total HD – 4K cameras).

A UEFA Champions League final for the first time in its history saw the opening of the ceremony with a Super Bowl style show, two fantastic international stars Alicia Keys and our Andrea Bocelli.

The long applause that, at the end of the event, the UEFA summits spontaneously addressed Mediaset and Euroscena for its excellent work, will remain indelibly scratched in our memories forever, in the general belief that it has contributed to making an excellent Service also to our country.

The wonderful success that Euroscena has been able to give in its thirtieth anniversary.

A heartfelt thanks to Uefa and Mediaset for giving us this extraordinary and unforgettable opportunity. Our team commends my personal appreciation and thanks for the great professionalism, the extraordinary commitment and the perfect teamwork, which once again for the last time, allowed us at the end of the event to be able to sing with great joy …. WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!

Many thanks to all

Luigi Sciò

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