Data: Monday May 19th, 2014

In the enchanting setting of the Juventus stadium Euroscena extraordinary protagonist of the television coverage of the finals of the Europa League Benfica Sevilla.

Our HD mobile units 22-20 and 18 were again distinguished by professionalism and competence, receiving the unanimous recognition of the excellent service offered by Mediaset by UEFA and the director of the event Sig. Riccardo Poma.

To all we extend our heartfelt thanks to the collaboration and the trust given.

Finally a thank you full of gratitude to the 52 members of the wonderful Euroscena team and 45 external collaborators led by an extraordinary Sebastiano Sessa that, once again, have been shown to deserve the sincere praise of all for their outstanding work in design and technical realization of the event, accomplished in an atmosphere of total peace and mutual respect.

This is the great achievement that inevitably you get when you meet people capable by the great human values and professional​​.

Luigi Scio’

Chairman Euroscena Group

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