The Company

December 1985: the current General Manager Luigi Sciò founds, on essential Christian values, Euroscena.
After 34 years of hard work, Euroscena is the undisputed leader in the panorama of Television Productions and National and International Events.
In 2018, in a now Globalized World system, Euroscena to keep up with the times, was acquired by the Spanish Mediapro Group, the world leader in the Media sector.
Design, implementation and “turnkey” management of TV platforms of all transmission standards, in our TV Production Centers or directly from our Customers. Creativity, Ideation, Engineering, Research, Professionalism, Technological Innovation, Great Investments, Rapidity, Maximum Correctness, Availability, Communication, Strategy, Personnel Training, Confidentiality. These are the requirements that have distinguished us for decades in Italy and in the world.




51 employees 150 free-lance.
1 Obvan 4K-HDR with 20 cameras
3 OBvan HD with 22 – 20 – 12 cameras
1 flight case direction 16 cameras 4K
1 flight case direction 16 cameras HD
5 ENG/EFP 4k-HD crew in Rome and Milan.
5 Avid HD post-production suites 4K/HD
2 3D-2D graphic suites


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